At Clever we believe tomorrow is bright. We believe electric vehicles will pave the way forward and accelerate the transition to a better future. This bright idea is what drives us. This is why we are here.

We are fully dedicated to making the choice towards e-mobility easier with charging that suits people. We do this by putting users behind the wheel in our product and service design to help us identify and break down the everyday barriers.

Our philosophy guides us through uncharted territory towards a better world for generations to come. So far it has aided us in the invention of the first-ever flat-rate charging subscription named Clever Unlimited, in the design of the meaningful break at our ultra-fast charging stations, and in the formation of our close partnerships with the car brands placing us in the very start of the electric journey.

In short, driving and charging electric vehicles must be an uncompromising, effortless and digital experience when and where it makes sense. At home, at work and on the move.

Come along – join the journey!