Multimodal e-mobility connectivity for the Öresund Region (MECOR)


Welcome to the MECOR e-mobility blog. The MECOR Project is financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility and under the patronage of the Danish and Swedish governments. It will install a total of 60 charging sites in the Öresund Region, with a total number of 120 charging stations and 240 charging outlets by the end of 2017.

The sites are located at public transport hubs and therefore allow users of public transport to use Electric Vehicles before or after their public transport ride. This is also thanks to cooperation with car sharing and car rental companies. Of course, the vehicle can also be charged conveniently while the passenger uses public transportation.

The Öresund Region consists of the urban nodes of Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark, including Copenhagen and Malmö, Helsingborg and Helsingør. With 3.7 million inhabitants the region generates a quarter of the combined GDP of Denmark and Sweden. Offering millions of travellers and commuters sustainable transport solutions therefore provides practical solutions for Danes and Swedes and a good study case for other regions in Europe.

This blog is about sharing news on this project but also about the e-mobility experience and related news. We, the project partners CLEVER and Öresundskraft look forward to your experiences and views. Please share them with us via our Facebook ( or Twitter (@clever_dk) Accounts.

The Partners


CLEVER is an electric mobility operator with charging network for electric vehicles in Denmark, Sweden, and Northern Germany. CLEVER facilitates charging of all electric vehicles on the market by charging stations at home and at the work place. CLEVER has an extensive fast charging network with more than 900 charging points in Denmark, Sweden, and Northern Germany which is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market. CLEVER has significant experience in running nationally supported projects. The research and development Project ‘Test an Electric Vehicle’ supported by the ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Energy, Climate and Building, was carried out between 2010 and 2014. Between 2014 and 2016, CLEVER has also been involved in the EU Actions 2013 – EU – 92043 -S (ELECTRIC) and 2013 – DK – 92046 – S (Nationwide Fast charge network – upgrade of existing network to meet European standards).


Öresundskraft  is  a  Swedish  energy  company  with  400  employees,  delivering  electricity,  district  heating, natural  gas,  district  cooling,  broadband  and  services  to  260.000 customers. Öresundskraft’s vision “Energy for a better world, Power for the region” is more than words. Eighty per cent of the district heating that Öresundskraft produces is based on waste heat, municipal waste and biofuel. Öresundskraft provides vehicle gas for reduced emissions. The company supports small-scale, renewable production of electricity based on wind, water and sunshine. Öresundskraft champions Electric Vehicles, offers smart energy solutions and invests in local wind power. Based in Helsingborg, the company is working to promote a vital Öresund region. Since  2009,  Öresundskraft  has  been  establishing charging  stations in  the  region  and  has  started  a  public, solar cell powered carpool. Öresundskraft has previously been involved in the Action 2013-EU-92043-S (ELECTRIC), in the context of which it has started to build a fast charging network in Sweden.

CLEVER Sweden is a subsidiary to Öresundskraft and handles all activities related to EV-charging.  CLEVER Sweden is responsible for establishing the chargers in the name of Öresundskraft.

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