600+ charging stations in Denmark

Planning a visit to Denmark? Buy a prepaid CLEVER charging Card here

During your stay in Denmark, you can enjoy one of the most extended charging networks for electric cars in Europe.

With more than 600 fast charging spots – you are never far away from a modern and efficient charging-location during your visit. Our charging locations are compatible with all modern electric cars.

Buy a prepaid charging card


For a one day stop over in Denmark

45 kWh

300 kr.

For a short visit in Denmark

100 kWh

600 kr.

For a vacation in Denmark

225 kWh

1305 kr.

Refill your CLEVER card


100 kWh

550 kr.

Please note: Please allow a minimum of 7 days for the card to reach your mailbox so if you are leaving sooner than that, please buy sms-charging


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In Denmark already?

If you are in Denmark already, you can buy charging via SMS on your phone.

For SMS-charging you need to follow one of the following instructions when at the charging station.

Every charging post has a unique number. The numbers 10xxx, 11xxx  etc. are located on the station. You will need this number to start the charging. Below are the instruction for the different charging posts. If you know that you will use SMS-charging, it is a good idea to print the instructions in advance.

SMS charging on 10xxx: English version here. Norsk: her

SMS charging on 11xxx  English version here. Norsk: her

SMS charging on 12xxx, 16xxx og 17xxx English version here. Norsk: her

Frequently asked questions

How does the app work?

The app shows you the nearest location of a CLEVER charging station and how to get there from your location. When using the app, please make sure the location is compatible with your specific car (CHAdeMO, COMBO, IEC Type 2 ‘Mennekes’, IEC Type 1) by selecting the plugs compatible with your car in the app. The selection can be done in the upper right side of the app.

The app has live status, which allows you to see whether a charging spot is available or occupied.  We have a very high uptime (+99 %) on our network. However, a charging spot can occasionally be out for maintenance. This will always indicated by a red icon for the specific location in the app. Please note that some locations have more outlets, with diffent plugs. This can be seen by selection the specific location on the app.

What do I need to acces the network?

To access the CLEVER network as a foreigner, you need a prepaid RFID card with your selection of prepaid kWh. The price per kWh is the same whether you Quick Charge or normal charge.  You can select between 45 kWh, 100 kWh, 225 kWh – or a ‘refill’ of 100 kWh on existing CLEVER RFID cards.

Can I park my electric vehicle for free in Denmark?

In major cities in Denmark you will find certain parking spots where you can charge your Electric vehicle. You still have to follow local parking rules and, in most cases, pay for the time you park your car or set the meter.

Please note the following:
The product is for structural and VAT reasons only valid for sale for users which are residents outside Denmark (a foreign address must be provided for shipment).

The required RFID card can only be ordered through the online shop at the listed prices.

To use our 22 kWh AC chargers, you need a compatible cable with a ‘Mennekes’/IEC Type 2 plug towards the charger. (For Quick Charging, the cable is fixed)

If you need additional kWh during your stay, these can be bought by selecting the ‘refill’ package in our online store. Please note that this product requires that you own a CLEVER RFID card. Such orders are normally handled mon-fri, during working hours. If you need to refill immediately, please  order the product in our online store, and afterwards call us by phone to secure that the refill is immediately activated (only available mon-fri)

As we need to get the RFID card to you by postal mail, please allow a minimum of 7 working days delivery time

Please note that unused kWh and your RFID Card – is valid for one year. Unused kWh must be used within a calendar year, and can not be refunded. This also means that if you plan to return to use our network again within a year, keep your card and save money by using the ‘refill’ option.

Customer service

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
+45 82 30 30 30