About Clever

We make it easy to drive an electric vehicle

The electric mobility service provider CLEVER has paved the way for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility since 2009 and has connected Northern European cities by deploying a coherent fast charging network in Denmark and Northern Germany.

CLEVER is well known for its partnerships with different car manufacturers in developing and offering innovative customer-centric charging solutions, such as ‘CLEVER Unlimited’. The customer-centric approach to products is not only reflected in the development of new and groundbreaking products, but also in the choice of quality charging points and stations that are easy to use and always comply with all safety requirements from authorities. CLEVER's focus is 100% on electric vehicles and charging.

CLEVER is constantly searching for new opportunities for development and partnerships with the goal of making it easy to drive electric. This goal includes an ambition to establish Europe’s first ultra-fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) along the main European motorway corridors.

CLEVER was founded by SEAS-NVE and SE in 2009, and is today owned by major Scandinavian energy companies.

CLEVER is owned by two of Denmark’s most innovative energy companies, SEAS-NVE and NRGi, who teamed up to create the conditions for the electrification of transportation.

SEAS-NVE is Denmark's largest consumer-owned energy company. Throughout 100 years, they have supplied electricity to the whole of Zealand and Lolland Falster. Today, they offer solutions to all of Denmark and make a virtue of being pioneers in product development and development projects. The co-ownership of CLEVER is a good example of this.

In addition to being a co-owner, SEAS-NVE specifically contribute to the experience and knowledge of the grid and in developing intelligent charging systems.

NRGi has approximately 1,100 employees and about 210,000 shareholders. NRGi actively contributes to the realization of the climate and energy policy goals and is at the forefront of the transition to a smart and sustainable society.

NRGis investment in CLEVER is a long-term investment that helps make the Danish society more sustainable – also in terms of transport. Among other things, NRGI will use the ownership to expand the charging infrastructure as well as to offer attractive electric vehicle solutions to customers. The investment in CLEVER is an important part of NRGis strategy of creating value for both shareholders and for Denmark. At the same time, it is vital for the distribution of electric vehicles in Denmark to work with solutions that affect all car brands.